Otakky of Otaki Town

I designed “Otakky”, a popular character from Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture, where I am from, for this project.

Otakky’s Room(Otaki Town official website)

Based on the warlord Honda Tadakatsu , who is a local warlord, the town’s specialties and tourist attractions will be included in the this character.
It was born in 2012. I’m an admirer of Lord Tadakatsu, so I didn’t take the liberty of using it as a motif.
I used it as a motif at the request of the town 😅.

Speaking of Otaki Town, does that mean the castle and Tadakatsu Honda? They are well-loved.

Yuru-chara has long been considered obsolete, and this year’s Yuru-chara Grand Prix, which has been held every year, is said to be the last.
Every year, the ranking is about the middle of the pack. But this year’s ranking was slightly higher, coming in at 81st place out of 395 characters.
Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me!

There will be no Yuru-chara Grand Prix next year, but we hope that Otakkee will continue to do his best to promote the town of Otaki.
Is he still popular with the local children? Since it’s like 😅.
Otakyu’s dream is to make Otaki the best town in Japan.
I hope you will continue to do your best. We’ll be supporting you!

Yuru-chara Grand Prix2020

At present, the town of Otaki is trying hard to attract NHK’s Taiga drama “Honda Tadakatsu/Tadtomo” to be made into a Taiga drama.
I am cooperating with the illustration and design of Tadakatsu.
For the achievement of my long-sought dream, I would like to ask for your support and cooperation.

Organizing Committee for the promotion of the Taiga Drama “Honda Tadakatsu/Tadatomo



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