About the Artist


Akihiro Fukuda  KAZNO(鹿角)

Born in Chiba, Japan.
After working as a graphic designer and art director, I started illustrating warlords in 2008 while working independently as a freelance designer. 
As part of my design work, I created advertisements and promotional tools for print media and other media. 
As an illustrator, I create illustrations for books and games with a focus on warlords. I have won many awards for mark and logo design in design competitions and character and mascot competitions in illustration competitions.

This site is mainly for my illustration works. My works are mainly warlords. Among them, I draw mainly Honda Tadakatsu , the warlord I admire the most. 
The name of my pen name "鹿角" comes from the helmet with a design of a deer antler that he wore.

The decoration of warlords' helmets and armor in the Warring States period is not only about the design, but also has a spiritual meaning to them. 
This is one of the attractions of armor.

In order to introduce more people to the charms of Japanese warlords and the beauty of their armor, I have tried our best to depict them as faithfully as possible with the help of existing photographs and old portraits of armor.
I hope you can feel the charm of the Samurai and the beauty of armor through my works.

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